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Here are just a few of the potential benefits when you use "Swag Box 7" Promotions

1. Even if you don't have a list, there's a method you can use to possibly make big sales.

2. Give people a reason to buy via your affiliate link vs. someone else's

3. Get the real secrets affiliates use to score all kinds of crazy SWAG like Mustang cars, iPads, Kindle Fire's and even Lambos.

4. Get instant attention when people see your affiliate promotions.

5. See actual Swag Box 7 emails that are vastly different from what "average affilaites" send out.

6. Surpass "average affilaite" level and get on the real stuff used by the 1%'ers

7. Instead of reinventing the wheel you can follow my Swag Box 7 method that has delivered for me over and over and over again since 2001.

8. Find out the secrets ultra Super Affiliate Connie Green uses to snag Swag time and time again.

9. Get actual copy and paste pages and templates that make life easy for you.

10. Find out what the "knowledge advantage" can do for you

11. Learn how to be in the 1% who are ENVIED

12. Find out how to turn affiliate marketing into a super exciting Game where cool stuff shows up at your door when you don't even expect it.

13. Get the secrets I learned by watching my own super affiliates like Ewen Chia, Russ Brunson, Matt Gilll, Kevin Wilke and many others before they became famous (and even after.)

14. You get actual examples from my own business of how I've used this method over and over again to score 5 bagger and 10 bagger weeks and days.

15. You'lll learn inside secrets of what my own super affiliates do that almost no one else does.

16. You'll get traffic methods to get visitors to your promotions -- and learn how to do it without traffic of your own.

17. You'll get actual Swag Box 7 scripts you can use, starting tomorrow morning.

18. You'll discover some of my most cherished secrets I've uncovered over the years.

19. You'll be put on my own private Swag Box notification list.

20. You'll gain the "knowledge advantage" over average affiliates.



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Discover the Exact Methods
My Own Super Affiliates Are Using To Win Mercedes SL's, Vacations to Fiji, Retina Display iPads, Samsung Tablets, Amazon Gift Certificates, Gaming Mice, Macbooks, Extreme Gaming Computers -- and CASH -- Today (While You're Reading This...)

Only minutes from now, you can gain access to the
Secret Backdoor PDF that tells you how affiliates snag these gifts

Dear Online Marketer,

Last Sunday afternoon I was watchin' sports and the phone rang.

Normally I don’t answer during sports watchin’ time.  But this was my good friend. So I picked it up.

He called to tell me he just got back from being wined and dined big-time (free airplane flight, hotel, the works) for ranking high in an affiliate promotion.

We’re talkin’ millionaires. Hangin’ out in a 17,000+ foot mansion. The works.

In the biz, it’s called “SWAG,” which is stuff you get for being a top seller. Swag = free gifts.

And usually, my friend grabs #1, so he scores the best swag.

This time, he came in #2 because someone with a list of only 300 outmaneuvered him on a “Swag Box 7” promotion and brought in over $1 million in sales.

And yes, you read it right. Their list was only 300 people.

Behind closed doors, the promoter invited this million-dollar affiliate in and all the cards were laid on the table. What was done. How it went down.

These are things average affiliates
are never privy to

Last week my Swag Box 7  Promo brought in $4413 for me and roughly $4345 for a few of my affiliates.

For example, yesterday I got a check for $3,750.

And next week, I’ll get a cash payout of over $3,000. Tonight I’m setting up another one that should pay out $3,000 to $5,000.

There’s nothing all that “exceptional” about it when you look at the numbers.

It’s not complex.  Anyone who can write or talk could have done the same things given a bit of time and the right instructions. I’ve done this over and over again for many years, and so have my “super affiliates.”

My friend routinely wins affiliate contests going up against “big dogs” by running his own clever version of a “Swag Box 7” promotion.

The gains are sometimes small. Like $1200 or $1500 in a day.

Sometimes they’re greater. Like $7500 in a day or $10,291 in a week.

What’s surprises me is how few affiliates are apparently aware of this one simple method used by myself and my super affiliates to make these returns.

By looking at my affiliate stats, I can tell not 1 in 100 affiliates use this strategy. Maybe even 1 in 1,000.

There’s a simple explanation for that: I’ve not seen anyone actually teach this method.  It’s one of those rare secrets that is done but not talked about.

It’s as though the super affiliates who are “in the know” don’t want others to find out about or use it.  It has been kept a secret from the “average affiliate” and used by only a few.

I call this method “Swag Box 7” promotions

Why? Because once you know how to use this secret, there’s all kinds of “swag” up for grabs in contests.

From the fancy stuff like cruises, trips, Lambos, BMW’s, and wave runners to simple things that are given away like candy -- iPads, laptops, Kindle Fire’s, you name it.

You can even get a star named after you or your pet’s picture custom painted on a canvass and mailed to you.

The sky is the limit. Not to mention the cash deposited straight into your paypal or bank account, or mailed to you as a check.

Only the most savvy and well-informed marketers perform these promotions. That’s because they “get it” and know that you can’t market online like everybody else and be a 6 or 7 figure marketer.

It just doesn’t work that way. They know the only real advantage in the “Game” is a “knowledge advantage.”

I seldom have discussed the Swag Box 7 with other marketers. But when I have they made it clear that what they were telling me was meant to be confidential.

But today, I’m going to spill the beans. I may have hades to pay. I don’t know what the consequences will be for breaking the “unspoken code” of silence.

The few super affiliates who use Swag Box 7 type promotions want to keep their “knowledge advantage.”

But good gosh, most of the world has been through a stiff recession and affiliate’s pocketbooks are still hurting. Their bank accounts and piggy bank savings have dwindled down.

So I’m gonna give you an Ace you can play. Not once but over and over, banking cash deposits every time you do a Swag Box 7 promotion.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking there must be a catch right? That it all sounds too good to be true.

I’ll give you the facts and let you decide

You’ll Never Read This
In Clickbank Affiliate Products, WSO’s
or Those Splashy Product Launches

What are “Swag Box 7” promotions and why are they called that?

They are a 7-part system with a double Johnson Box designed to snag Swag from affiliate contests and score you immediate cash deposits into your account, as well as weekly deposits, Paypal cash and checks that are mailed to you.

And the best part is, there are dozens of opportunities to score this Swag every week …

Flat screen TV’s, computer monitors, speakers, iPods. You name it and it’s up for grabs. And there are the cash checks and deposits you could be sent every week -- $500 here. $5,500 there.

Which is why you need to jump on this like jack flash.

You’ll be able to get started tomorrow morning.

In this letter, I’m going to reveal why Swag Box 7 promotions work, how to score big chunks of cash, and the secret of getting passive income.

What’s more, once you finish this letter and get started, Swag Box 7 promotions are something you can operate over and over again for steady deposits into your bank account or Paypal.

In fact, you could potentially get cold, hard, spendable cash deposited to your paypal account in the morning two days from now.

Best of all, while you’re getting money deposited into your account over and over, the rest of “the herd” is still buying wso’s and CB offers, chasing the latest “wealth in 3 clicks” piece of software.

What’s the story behind Swag Box 7 promotions? How did I stumble across them? And how will this “knowledge advantage” give you the power to get regular deposits to your account, win really cool swag and live the life others envy?

From a Beaten Up, Smoking Bomb Car, a diet
of corndogs... or $1.97 drive through burgers …
to the coolest affiliate secret no one knows

In 1978 I bought a book from a get-rich-quick ad that changed my life.

It started me on the path of “direct response” marketing. I didn’t have the Internet back then so it took me from 1978 to 1996 to learn what you could now in only a few months of hard study and research.

Through reading every scrap of info I could get my hands on, and trying a lot of things that didn’t work, and enduring failure after failure, I got an opportunity to be a copywriter for a company involved in online marketing in the very early days of the web.

There I met a mentor who was trained himself by one of the greatest old time copywriters who ever lived. And, in turn, my mentor taught me the ways of the craft.

Those experiences launched me to success and fame in online marketing. I was invited to share my discoveries at 120 seminars around the world.

My products have been sold everywhere, including the Mensa online catalog, the top 10 list at, and by super affiliates everywhere.

My list of top super affiliates from the past include Kevin Wilke, Matt Gill, Gauher Chaudry, Russ Brunson, Paul Myers, Ewen Chia, Allan Gardyne,  Andrew Lock, James Jones, Jason Fladlien, Connie Green, David Jenyns, Jim Edwards, Yanik Silver, Terry Duff, Tim Castleman, Ken Hammond, Sean Mize, and many others.

Which is how I came to discover the Swag Box 7 secret. See, by running an affiliate program myself, and having the top super affiliates in the world promote my products, I was in the unusual position of being able to see things from the inside and know what worked and what didn’t.

Unlike those on the outside looking in, I see the real numbers, the real conversion rates, the real $ per visitor and the real sales.

On top of that, I had my own promotions to learn from, some of it by dumb luck.

Slowly, over time, I pieced together Swag Box 7 by assembling parts from here and there.

For example, we had one method we used over and over. We kept making one specific change to it. And everytime we did, it worked better and better.

One day I was chatting with Stephen Mahaney at the Email Marketing Summit in Boulder, Colorado. I told him what we were doing. He said, “If you want to DOUBLE those results, just do this.”

And sure enough, that little tweak doubled our results, crazy as it seemed at the time.

Or how about the time Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill (before they became as famous as they are now) won my affiliate contest with one clever strategy?

Then there’s the piece Connie Ragen Green uses to win my affiliate contests almost every time she tries.

Or the day I was reading the giant blue book with the Greatest Salesletters of All Time. I picked up one little trick there that we tried and it instantly worked.

And our latest discovery was just last month with what I call “The Double Johnson Box.” How’s that for a doozy?

“Swag Box Promotions” Unveiled

The other day I ran some numbers on our own in-house Swag Box Promotions for our own stuff.

Of course, we’re not trying to snag any swag. We’re just straight- lining cash right into our Paypal account.

These promotions have made deposits into my bank account of $1,000, $5,000, $7,500, $10,000 and more time after time.

Which is why I finally decided to let the cat out of the bag. Not because of altruism but to help my own affiliates! I realized that if I taught this method to my affiliates, they’d sell 5x to 10x more of my stuff, if not more.

I thought about only releasing it to my affiliates.

Then, I realized that by training other affiliates, it’d serve as a magnet to attract even more affiliates who are then already up-to-speed and ready to go bonkers promoting my stuff.

Therefore, it was in my own best self-interest to create this training and release it on a wider scale.

Let me show you how a very small number of affiliates are “killing it” with this method and you can start profiting from it starting tomorrow.

Here are just a few of the profit opportunities:

You'll Get These 4 Ready-To-Use
Swag Box 7 Promos:

Swag Box Seven Promo #1 – Oddball type of email no one else sends brings in $10,000 over and over

This one is weird.

I’ve NEVER seen anyone else send an email like this one. But this bad boy has scored $10,000 for us over and over. I’m laughing because we’ve just kept using it and it just keeps working. Not always 10 g’s. But it always works.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It ain’t broke. And this is one you’ll ONLY hear about in Swag Box 7. Now, obviously I can’t guarantee you how much if any this brings in for you…but I can show you what it does for me, and you can give it a whirl.

Swag Box 7 Promo #2 – No list method allows you to potentially snag swag or big chunks of cash, even if you don’t have a list.

Anytime you talk about sending out promotions, the FIRST thing people say is BUT….

But I don’t have a list.

Which is why I included info on Swag Box 7 Promo #2. This one is awesome. Even if you’re struggling alone without a list (and goodness knows it’s not that hard to build one fast), then this Promo is for you.

Fire it up and watch the magic happen.

The great thing about Promo #2 is the money can potentially come in at lightning speed and in big chunks.

Swag Box 7 Promo #3 – The “Bread-and-Butter” routine promo that can pay your bills

Everyone has bills. And you need cash for bills. That’s why I’m also gonna give you my Promo #3 method.

It can’t make the potentially huge profits of Promo #2 BUT this one is steady and consistent.

You need these to handle the variety of bills they life flings your way when you’re sometimes not expecting it.

This is the strategy you use when you have bills to pay or things come due that you weren’t planning on.

Swag Box 7 Promo #4 -- The passive income “42” strategy

For reasons that will be clear when you read about, I call this passive income maker the “42” strategy.

It’s a good one.

I like this one because you set it in motion and then it just kinda does it things and delvers money to you without you having to think anymore about it. That way, you can focus on other Swag Box strategies or just go off and do your thing, whatever that may be.

This is a good strategy you can use when you plan to be busy for awhile (like you’re going on vacation or you have to go in the hospital or you got something else going on).

Once you set it up, it’s passive. That’s the beauty of it. Now, it isn’t that uncommon in and of itself. But I’ll show you pictures of this strategy in action no one else has ever revealed in print before.

Only the 1% know about ‘em. And that is why I call it a “knowledge advantage.” It’s just that little edge that counts. It’s the knowledge you have that others don’t.

The 7-Part System
That Makes Up Swag Box 7

As you might guess from the name, Swag Box 7 is called that because it has 7 parts that work together to make it work for you.

It's called "box" for two reasons.

One because you get boxes of Swag (cool free stuff) showing up at your door. Two, because of a reason that is only revealed in the product.

It took me a great deal of trial and error, time, research and experimentation over the years, not to mention tapping into my personal network in order to create the system behind the Swag Box 7 Promotion system.

I practically have it down to a SCIENCE now.

I realize you may not know who I am if you’re brand new to Internet marketer.  You can click here for a popup window that gives you a bit of my background.

Take a look at what these marketers
have to say
  about the
"Marlon Sanders' Swag Box 7"


I need YOU to beta test
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Your Name Would Appear Here
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Here's What You Get In
Your Swag Box 7 Kit

  1. Two "Swag Box 7" Copy and Paste Scripts That Make It work

    You need these copy and paste scripts for your site.  I’ll show you how to paste them on and set them up.

    One of these scripts is an attention-getter virtually no one uses.  It’s a REAL eye-catcher.

    The other is our bread-and-butter script that gets people to take action today instead of deciding to wait.

  2. Three Of My Own "Swag Box 7's" Ready To Use

    No need to reinvent the wheel. I’ll give you copy and paste boxes. Just replace my text with yours. I show you how to do that

  3. Four Swag Box 7 Promotions In Virtual Brown Envelopes, Ready to Open and Use

    Just click on the virtual brown envelope and you’ll get the simple-to-follow set of instructions.  Just follow the 1, 2, 3, and 4 steps.

    Swag Box Seven Promo #1 – Oddball type of email no one else sends brings in $10,000 over and over

    Swag Box 7 Promo #2 – No list method allows you to potentially snag swag or big chunks of cash, even if you don’t have a list.

    Swag Box 7 Promo #3 – The “Bread-and-Butter” routine promo that can pay your bills

    Swag Box 7 Promo #4 - The passive income “42” strategy

  4. Instructions On How To Install Another Very Easy To Use Script That Creates Urgency Like You Won't Believe -- AND You Can Use It Ethically And Legally

    This one is so simple to use. You'll LOVE it.

  5. Core Content -- Complete 109-page explanation of the Swag Box 7 system delivered over 7 weeks. One part each week.

    This is so you can actually implement each part in order and helps you focus on doing the system and not getting distracted.

For Only $37 $27, You Get 109 Pages
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Well, I need some testimonials, so if you're willing to give me a testimonial AFTER you get great results, then your price today is only $27. In other words, just one affiliate sale pays for your training.

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Special Quick Start Call For My Beta Testers

I need these success stories and testimonials just as soon as I can get them, so I'm including a Quick Start call to be held shortly.

On this call, I'll make sure you get off to a fast start and answer any questions you might have. That way, if you have a burning question, you can get it answered.

Swag Box 7 Is Worth Every Penny
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I'm hoping that BY NOW you realize the "Swag Box 7 " is worth every penny of the $37.00 $27.00 one time low price, and more. 

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Swag Box 7 "Quick Start" Call: You'll get access to my quick start conference call recording that walks you through, step by step how to use the Swag Box methods. (Value $1000.00 based on my hourly consulting fee.)

Special Bonus Training: My Ultra Super Affiliate Connie Ragen Green has put together a training bonus on "How To Create a Killer Affiliate Bonus Package for Profits and Prizes."

To understand just how well she does with these bonus packages you should know that in the last few months, Connie won SO MANY iPad's, she literally had to ask her merchants to STOP sending them to her.

In this training bonus, she explains how she does it.


How To Get the "Swag Box 7"
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Best Wishes,

Marlon Sanders

Higher Response Marketing, Inc.


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